System Map for Customers with Disabilities

All Metra diesel trains have at least one fully accessible railcar. These cars are equipped with a wheelchair lift, an accessible seating area and scrolling LED signs that convey information for deaf/hard of hearing passengers. On the Metra Electric Line, all railcars are accessible.

  • Of Metra's 242 stations, more than 80 percent are fully or partially accessible. This represents 96% of all Metra's systemwide boardings.
  • At all downtown terminals, there is audible departure and track location information to assist blind and visually impaired passengers. There is automatic audible stop calling on all trains and audible train arrival announcements at all outlying stations.
  • Customers with mobility devices and service animals are welcome on all Metra lines.  

Metra station staff and onboard personnel are trained to provide helpful, courteous service to customers with disabilities.

Access Maps for Customers with Disabilities