Buying the Regional Connect Pass in the Ventra App

If you haven't down so already, first download the Ventra app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. You’ll also need to have a Ventra card, and you’ll need to register that card in the app.
Here's how:

Use the Ventra App to Buy the Regional Connect Pass

  • If you don’t have a Ventra card yet, buy one online, from any Ventra vending machine at a CTA rail station or from more than 1,300 Ventra retail locations. The cost of a new card is $5, but this is refunded to you as Ventra transit value when you register your card within 90 days of purchase. (You can apply this value toward the purchase of a pass, rides on CTA or Pace or even toward the purchase of a Metra mobile ticket in the Ventra App.)
  • Next, register your new Ventra card in your Ventra account, or create a Ventra account in the Ventra App and register the card.
    • If you're new to Ventra, follow these instructions to create an account in the app.
    • Once you've created an account in the app, register your card by clicking on the card icon at the bottom of the app's home screen, and then click on the rectangle with a plus sign in the top right corner. You'll be prompted to enter the number of the card, its expiration date and CVV. You'll also create a nickname for the card.
  • Once you have a Ventra card registered with your Ventra account, you’re ready to buy a Regional Connect Pass. First, buy a Monthly Pass. Click here for instructions about buying Metra tickets in the app.
    • Once you've completed that purchase, the new Monthly Pass will appear on in the "Tickets" section (select "Tickets" in the bottom right corner of the home screen).
    • At the bottom of the Tickets page will be a prompt for you to "Add a Regional Connect Pass." Click on the link and you’ll be asked to select the Ventra card you want to use for that pass.
    • Next, select “Checkout.”
    • You’ll be asked for the select your payment method. The options will include any credit or debit cards (including pre-tax transit benefits debit cards) or Ventra transit value affiliated with your Ventra account. You can even choose to split the payment between two cards.
    • Once you’ve paid, your Ventra card will be loaded with the pass. Use it to pay your fare anytime when boarding CTA buses or trains or Pace buses.