What is the purpose of an on-site visit?

It is a regulatory requirement. The federal regulations in 49 CFR Part 26.83, Subpart E state: “Perform an on-site visit to the offices of the firm. You must interview the principal officers of the firm and review their resumes and/or work histories. You must also perform an on-site visit to job sites if there are such sites on which the firm is working at the time of the eligibility investigation in your jurisdiction or local area. You may rely upon the site visit report of any other recipient with respect to a firm applying for certification”

Is an on-site visit performed for home-based businesses?

Yes, if your business is based out of your home an on-site visit is still required.

If my business is out of state how is the on-site visit performed?

For out-of-state businesses, a phone interview may be performed in place of the on-site visit. You may also be asked to provide additional information.